Intensive nourishing cream

95% nourished skin*
90% instantly soothed skin*

100% supple skin*
  95% protected skin*

This treatment tackles dry, tight-feeling and sagging skins. Concentrated in repairing and nourishing agents, it leaves the skin supple, replenished and instantly nourished. Its formula includes macadamia oil and shea butter for their soothing and nourishing properties, protective antioxidant vitamin E, and the exclusive HTP-3® Complex acts on cell regeneration for a revitalized skin. Its rich texture envelops the skin, without weighing it down.
Suits normal to very dry skin. Apply morning and evening.

Jar: 50ml

*Clinical and dermatological study, % satisfaction, 21days, 21 panelists.


  • The smell is pleasurable 80,95%*
  • The product does not leave the skin sticky 90,48%*
  • The texture is rich 90,48%*
  • The texture does not overburden the skin 100%*
  • L’absorption du produit est rapide 90,48%*
  • The skin is soft 100%*
  • The skin is radiant 85,71%*
  • The skin is hydrated 100%*
  • The skin is nourished 95,24%*
  • The skin is rejuvenated 85,71%*
  • The skin is protected 95,24%*
  • The skin is velvety 90,48%*
  • The product brings a feeling of comfort 90,48%*
  • The skin looks healthy 100%*
  • The product leaves the skin supple 100%*
  • The product is plumped 76,19%*
  • The skin is instantly nourished 90,48%*
  • The skin is instantly soothed 90,48%*
  • The skin seems regenerated 85,71%*
  • The product is suitable for my skin type 90,48%*
  • L’impression sur le produit est bonne 95,24%*

*Clinical and dermatological study, % satisfaction, 21days, 21 panelists.