Personalized Pack.

To create your Personalized Beauty Emergency Pack, it's very simple!

1. Please select at least 4 products to make up a pack (so that the discount applies),

2. You can add as many items of each product as you like, you can choose the same or different products!

3. If you wish to find out more about one product, we have added a small icon next to the product name (in this form: ) which will allow you, by clicking on it, to open the product page in a new tab, to make it easier for you to choose.

4. The discount will apply at the bottom of the page in real time, so you can create your pack at the best value,

5. All you need to do next is add your Personalized Beauty Emergency Pack to your shopping cart, the total price will already include the discount.

  • Sérum Régénérant

    Extreme Concentration 3%

    98.00 each (before discount)
  • Masque Régénérant

    Extreme Concentration 3%

    78.00 each (before discount)
  • Crème Régénérante

    Extreme Concentration 3%

    95.00 each (before discount)
  • Concentré Mira-ké


    80.00 each (before discount)
  • Soin Yeux Global

    Rested Look

    55.00 each (before discount)
  • Baume Riche

    Very Dry Skin

    78.00 each (before discount)
  • Gel Moussant Douceur

    Efficiency Sensitive Skin

    25.00 each (before discount)
  • Crème Hydratante Biomoléculaire

    Extra Long Lasting 72h

    68.00 each (before discount)
  • Lotion Gelée Hydratante

    Instant Comfort

    52.00 each (before discount)
  • Lait Corps Hydratant

    Full Regeneration

    38.00 each (before discount)
  • Sérum Hydratant

    Ultra-High Concentration

    74.00 each (before discount)
  • Masque Détox

    Against Pollution

    42.00 each (before discount)
  • Brume Vivifiante

    Intense Hydration Veil

    36.00 each (before discount)
  • Exfoliant Confort

    Clean Skin

    37.00 each (before discount)
  • Démaquillant Micellaire Biphase

    Uncompromising Remover

    29.00 each (before discount)



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