When we talk about high technology, we always come back to nature, if only from a molecular point of view. All the more so when we talk about extraordinary cell regeneration.

From its beginnings in the intimate universe of SPAs, TERRAKÉ has always been strongly linked to the sensory universe of nature which had been divided into four very distinct elements: Water, Earth, Light and Vegetal.

Over time, TERRAKÉ research was deepened in order to offer the quintessence of nature through the synergy of all these elements: increasingly meticulous scientific research made it possible to develop biomolecular discoveries and to push technological limits. linked to the world of care.

One of the major advances in this area was very recently the discovery of the HTP-3® Advanced Biotechnology Complex.

The HTP-3® Complex has revealed an exceptional regeneration capacity at the level of Fibroblasts, these essential cells which can completely reconstruct the skin tissue in the event of injury by acting on the healing phase.

The level of repair is such that laboratory tests have shown a development of 57% additional Fibroblasts at a concentration of only 1.5% of HTP-3® Complex in just 24 hours.

But there is more: each additional Fibroblast thus created alone produced 28% additional collagen, an overall increase of 160% in collagen!


Fibroblasts alone represent extraordinary regenerative abilities, supported by clinical trials.

Another advantage: we have a large number in our skin tissue. It only remained for us to find a way to "wake up" these cells in order to obtain the anti-aging properties that we were looking for with cutting-edge research in molecular biology TERRAKÉ.

This major scientific discovery in avant-garde biotechnology was named: HTP-3®, referring to the three main active ingredients that make it up:


The first element of the HTP-3® Complex is a product of leading TERRAKÉ research:

Enriched Hyaluronic Acid (active 53-15) for a considerably more powerful and intense action in the results, especially in terms of kinetics (speed of action) and depth (Low molecular weight fractional Enriched Hyaluronic Acid).

Intended for accelerated healing which intervenes in the final healing phase, that is to say on the final appearance of a scar and its aesthetics, this active ingredient has a direct role on the appearance of the skin. its essential role, encompassing a deep anti-aging and moisturizing effect with a direct action on our own Fibroblasts.


In order to reinforce its action, a concentrated extract of Durvillea Antartica, an alga native to the cold oceanic zones of the southern hemisphere, was added in synergy in order to bring hygroscopic properties to the formula: a progressive relaxation of the hydrating active ingredients which retains water and releases it gradually, so that the benefit of the active ingredient is spaced over time, that it provides optimal deep hydration, and above all, sustained over time. This benefit is due to the particular composition of this alga rich in polysaccharides and trace elements, the combination of which makes it a perfect booster for the anti-aging action of the Biomolecular active ingredient 53-15.


A final problem remained to be resolved: the evaporation of the hydration thus obtained and the maintenance of the benefit provided. TERRAKÉ research therefore completed the formula with refined extract of purified black truffle, a real black diamond in cosmetics.

In addition to its richness in specific amino acids and the ideal distribution of its minerals, the purified extract of black truffle is rich in calcium, an element too often forgotten when talking about anti-aging active. Calcium causes a real protective barrier by improving the synthesis of Ceramides, this intercellular "cement" which not only allows the skin to protect itself against external aggressions, but also to conserve a maximum of hydration, while protecting it from affections skin.

The HTP-3® Advanced Biotechnology Complex is therefore the synergy of several complementary active ingredients in order to provide an optimal and consistent response to the problem of aging by kinetic mechanics of cellular and physiological stimulation. This response in molecular biotechnology has been tested, and the results of in vitro, in vivo and clinical tests have exceeded all forecasts. All of these results are available on each product page.