The first component of the HTP-3® Complex is a prime ingredient issued from the TERRAKÉ research: Enriched hyaluronic acid (53-15 active) provides a drastically more powerful and intense action in terms of the results, especially regarding its kinetics (speed of action) and the depth it reaches.

Intended for promoting accelerated healing and scarring, this active ingredient has a direct impact on the skin’s appearance. While this is its main purpose, it also delivers anti-ageing and deep hydration as it has a direct action on our own fibroblasts.


In order to reinforce its action and to bring hygroscopic properties to the formula, we have added a concentrate of Durvillea Antartica, a seaweed native from the cold ocean front of the Southern Hemisphere. The moisturising actives encapsulating the water, deliver it gradually, retaining and releasing it alternately, so that the benefit of the active is extended in time providing an optimum and sustained deep hydration over time. This benefit is made possible by the unique composition of this algae extract rich in polysaccharides and trace elements, whose combination makes it the perfect booster for the anti-ageing biomolecular 53-15 active.


One last issue was yet to be solved: avoid the evaporation of the moisture obtained and retain the benefits provided. TERRAKÉ’s research thus complemented the formula with an extract of purified black truffle, the black diamond of cosmetics.

In addition to its richness in specific amino acids and the ideal distribution of its minerals, the extract of purified black truffle is rich in calcium, too often a forgotten element when it comes to anti-ageing actives. Calcium provides an actual protective barrier by improving the synthesis of ceramides, the intercellular «cement » that not only helps the skin to protect itself against external factors, but also allows it to preserve maximum levels of hydration, while protecting it from skin disorders.