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Voluptuous Aerial Body Cream

Voluptuous Aerial Body Cream

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Over 96% of ingredients of natural origin. 
Jar: 200ml. 


TERRAKÉ's Voluptuous Aerial Body Cream is a comforting and very cocooning sensorial care, for a protected, softened and intensely supple skin. Composed of Beeswax, rich in fatty acids, non-comedogenic, this foam nourishes and protects the skin to make it more elastic and supple. Associated with the Oil of Jojoba, the skin is alleviated, hydrated and regulated. The Vegetal Glycerin completes the formula by its singular properties: hygroscopic, protective, softening, limiting the dehydration for a boosted synthesis of collagen.

How to use

Apply lightly all over the body and massage slowly until completely absorbed.


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